Tuesday, January 02, 2007

a doctor, khan and common sense

Caution: By chance, if any of you belong to the Karan Johar Fan Club, i seriously advice you to skip this article.

Believe it or not, i saw the song 'Mitwa' of the movie Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, for the first time last week. Friends had recommended the song to me saying that the song is good, to listen to, of course. I sat plonked on the sofa, changing channels with the wonderful gadget called the remote control. Staring into the tv, i always end up doing this. Nothing is captivating, except for the occasional movie, or, the ever fascinating world of animals.

Well, the song was aired on tv, and i sat, determined to view the whole of it.. Watching Khan and Mukherjee romancing, or trying to, in New York, without uttering an expletive, is considered a challenge by me.

After having watched the song, i switched the tv off, and went back to i don't what. I happened to view 'Silly Lalli' on one of the following days. (for the unintiated it's one of the popular comedy soaps, that is aired daily, with Doctor providing enough relief to a stressed soul). In that particular episode, something happened to Dr. Vittal Rao, which had him limping through out the soap.

I went back to 'Mitwa'. Apparently, the movie portrays Khan, as a person with a permanent limp. But, the song has Khan running around, dancing, in the same fashion as would a normal person do. Forget about Johar, does not King Khan posess a presence of mind, in maintaining the limp. Our very own Doctor can teach him a lesson or two in consistency, and in doling out watchable material. Never did the doctor miss out on his limp, not even for a flash of a second. A blatant error which runs into full houses. A bigger error is the movie itself.

If one is interested, one can read my attempt at script-writing, the Johar way. The link's here. (Though it's crap all the way!)


Anonymous said...

hey in the song....the running& dancing is his dream...i guess he forgot about the limp or like he's perfect coz its just a dream...movies ..cannot maintain the finer details...coz nothin's true...but a fabrication

The 'Ekaangi' said...

what's sad abt this industry thing is ppl like johar, farhan akhtar and RG Verma, who really have good potential end up giving loads of crap, coz it sells. I saw Farhan Akhtar's 'Don' coz I felt he was a good director. Today, I rate him amongst the atrocious ones. Irony is, the movies are bad, everyone knows, but Johar sells, SRK sells, its the brand that sells.

Srik said...

how true!!

These faults are a very nicely packaged so that they are not visible and then they sells the same with quite exquisite packages.
Blunders sell in our lives as if heavenly

mouna said...

oh! dreams project us as a super person. where nothing is faulty at all. on the other hand, some movies pay attention to finer details too. aren't movie supposed to mirror our lives? if that is indded true, then some amount of truth is certainly present. what say?

i don't agree with u. johar puts in extravaganza to compensate for his poor story-lines.

we fall for such blunders with all time easiness! heavenly-an apt word!

Shiv said...

Back with Karan-bashing !!!
Hey Mr.Karan, hire Mouna ASAP or else she will dissect everything under ur name !

BTW I'm not lucky enough to see the song u said..oh i missed it that then

mouna said...

:D, and consider yourself lucky for not having seen the song, u can always see it, of course to make a laughing-stock out of it. ;)

Anonymous said...

i guess johar was presenting srk as a super person...with no faults...its all rubbish and nothin meaningful..as for movie being a mirror of lives...guess u should speak abt this to the directors...if truely we see our lives in movies...dont ever think abt it...not with movies like this...well.. not me..!!!!...

mouna said...

me neither. most of the movies old or new, do feature something else, apart from the daily lives that we lead. we can't expect them to do so!