Friday, January 05, 2007

As i pass by the Vidhana Soudha, i see plenty of people around, some of them tourists, some localites. It's interesting to hear, a grandfather introducing the structure to his grandson, a mother pointing out the prestigious building to her daughter..... The High Court which faces the Vidhana Soudha, recently recieved a fresh coat of paint. Brick red in colour, with people milling about the place, i always admire it. Gates are put up outside the High Court, enclosing some lawns as well. Black barricades prevents me from enjoying the beauty of both the structures. Gates are also placed at regular intervals in order to regulate the vehicular and the human traffic that moves in and out.

The barricades and the gates destroys the beauty of the majestic structures, to some extent. How i wish these were absent! Afterall, weren't these placed in order to protect the precious monuments. Anyways, the general public hardly worry about the place, that which is littered, people urinating, a plastic bottle lying here, a food packet lying there.

On second thoughts, one appreciates the presence of barricades, gates et al, which aims to curb practices which tend to disgust one. Civic sense on it's downslide.


Gangadhar said...

..grandfather introducing the structure to his grandson, a mother pointing out the prestigious building to her daughter.....that's beautiful...But me missed those kind of experiences..hmm

Shiv said...

Nice one Mouna..
Brought memories of my first visit to the mighty Vidhana Soudha & High Court.I had come to see Bangalore and I was so overwhelmed with the gignatic building and I heard my father saying this is the central point of our state government.

You are a very good observer and I really like the way you describe the scene, it brings entirity of the scene

mouna said...

sad to note that, but u can still feel proud by pointing out something to somebody else, what say? :)

hmmmm, wonder-struck on seeing it the first time....i'm no good observer, anybody travelling by it for over a year would make not, alve?

thanks for the compliment. :)

Shiv said...

I'm not talking only about this post..when I commented it meant based on all ur previous the train journey, KEB lineman death, handicapped problem in chitrakala parishad test..

I know u r tryin to be modest :)

mouna said...

aha! dhanyavaadagaLu, you've said everything, my lips are pursed tight! :)