Saturday, November 18, 2006

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I read 'Dahek' a long time ago. Two-three years back. Written a bengali woman, 'Dahek' speaks about women in a different outlook. I don't know why, but i was simply mesmerised, making me go back to it more than once. There are two main characters, i'll label them as A and B. A has a husband in C, and B a boyfriend in D. D is a fiance?, or B and D plan to get married.

Arriving at the story, A and C are at a local train station in calcutta. Goondas' tease A(or worse?), B is helpless, while C who is at that spot, comes to the rescue of A. C also lodes a compliant at the police station. A is traumatized, and is unable to come out of it. B tries to calm his wife down, but fails in the job. C has acquired the figure of a saviour, in the eyes of A. B becomes jealous(a better word?), tries to prove that A is his. In the process, A becomes becomes pregnant, but she is ignorant.

On the other hand, D pulls off from the engagement, protesting against the action of C, the publicity that she has recieved overnight, against her going to a police station. I forget the plot in the middle. The end, has it that, D apologises (?), and weds C.

I've put down as much as i could remember. The storyline is indeed very vague. The cover of the book mentioned that the book was converted into a successful movie. And there exists a hindi movie with the same title, though the plot is different. Having read the book, and having liked it, i expected the movie to be of the same matter. Unfortunately, the movie is not worth mentioning at all. Having been written in bengali, i think that the bengali film industry adopted the story.

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