Thursday, November 16, 2006

first show

We all have heard about bribes, and how India is famous for it. We are also known for the hullaballoo that is created, and the easiness with which it dies down.

Today, i was walking near the circle, as usual, waiting for the never-ending stream of vehicles to die down. A couple of traffic policemen stand guard near the circle. And always people are caught for breaking traffic rules (it can be an understatement) Nevertheless, i saw two men, a lady and a kid standing near this particular policeman. I ignored them, as this is a scene which is to be witnessed daily.

The group was arguing with the policeman. Thinking that they were coming up with a lame excuse, you know, to avoid being rewarded receipt, i watched the ensuing drama. Realizing that the group was convincing the cop to accept a bribe, i was simply flabbergasted. Later, the men pushed the bunch of notes into the cop's hand, and disappeared from the spot in a huff. I didn't quite get the picture, as the cop wasn't throwing around weight as they most often do. But, the cop pocketed the cash. Seeing the green signal, i crossed the road.

I've seen policemen catching offendors, many a time and all of them have been fined. This was the first time, that i saw a government servant being bribed. Wasn't i shocked?

With the game of corruption having begun, i think i should accilmatise myself with the existing, practical environment. Fervently hoping that i never play the game, ever.

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Mahesh said...

The traffic police taking bribe is common everywhere? You can see a lot of policemen taking bribes. Dont think it is a new one to the society Be open any time. You should have the interest to see it.

Nice writings. make fonts little bold. Sometimes we have to concentrate on it. Keep it up..