Sunday, November 19, 2006

an ode to umrao

Indu saw Umrao Jaan, well half of it. She got bored halfway, and walked out of the theatre. Later, when we met at college, we pestered her to tell us the story. Not that we were interested, but we were jobless, waiting for the Zoology Dept, to open. And this is how she described: Aishwarya is in the possesion of Shabana Azmi, who runs a whore-house. Abhishek Bachchan appears. Astounded by Rai's beauty he buys her. Rai is also mesmerised by his looks(?) Bachchan tells her, that she is only his and not anybody else's. I guess that she promises him that.

They do nothing during the day. Have sex at night. I guess this show runs for a length of time, Indu was frustrated when telling this. Noticing that Bachchan has fallen for a slut, his father dispproves of his behaviour. Having told that to the son, he wages a war against the son, when the son does not pay him any attention. An uncle offers refuge to Bachchan, who is separated from Rai. Enter the villain(?) Sunil Shetty who tries in vain, to woo Rai. Shetty on hearing about Rai's plight offers her help. Something's missing in the middle, but i cannot place it, but who bothers!

On reaching Bachchan, Shetty tells him that Rai, has failed in her word. And there ensues hatred towards Rai. Period.

I don't know the following story, as Indu walked away from the movie. As far as i'm concerned, the film is baseless, and talk about nothing other than sex. Afterall, the turning point in the movie(according to me) is that Shetty having lied to Bachchan that Ria has slept with him.



December Stud said...

You should watch Rekha as 'Umrao Jaan', I bet that will be a far superior movie. She even won the national award that year.

P.S: Saritha deserved the national award that year for 'Thannir Thannir', but that's a different story.

mouna said...

yes, appa , amma were suggesting the same, they keep saying that remakes are a waste.... i guess all 'elders' are of the same opinion!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hehehe.. your reply :-)

I agree to the fact that all elders are of same opinion,
but in most of the cases, remakers tend to follow the original to a large extent and forget to stuff it with originality. So, ends on the pathetic lines. Good one..

Anonymous said...

BTW, It was Srik in the last comment, I was not allowed to comment here..donno why, so ended up being anon :-(

mouna said...

yes, remakers forget that a movie has to have originality, instead they ape the old movie to the fullest extent.

sorry that u had to comment as anon, i too don't know the why u had to do so.. :(