Saturday, November 11, 2006

histo, the end of it

As we entered final year, we braced ourselves, to face the work-load, the hectic hours, and the idea of not participating, or not being able to witness the fun that occurs in college.

Our zoology staff informed us that we have histology and genetics together as a single paper. I initially thought that histo was a past-time. Fortunately it turned out to be the opposite. Fortunate, because, i would not have the pleasure of drawing histo diagrams, if it were otherwise.

I write today, after having written an exam on histo (practical's over, the theory is god know's when!!). Nostalgia, making a presence when i finished my last histo diagram. The idea of havig to draw a colour diagram, that to from Fiore, is quite a feat. Many records of previous students were shown to inspire us, it did not do the job. We felt defeated, before the start!

Using eosin, heamotoxylin pencils, pens, colours, is fun. Cells to be in pink, while the nucleus is in purple. Aterioles to be thick-walled, on the other hand, venules are thin walled. Trying to impress classmates, lecturers, we strives hard. Each diagram taking not less than two hours. During, which my hands were stained a lovely shade of pink, my desk littered with pencil shavings. Amidst the mess, would swearing take place, believing that it would help me in my search for my pencils. Peeking, from underneath, the scattered sheets, my they mocked me. A few hours later, my neck slathered with pain-reliever, with a pillow supporting it, i would try to doze.

Sad that i've had to complete my histo record, so quickly, i wish i could continue with some more diagrams, at the same time, i'm glad that it's over.
Out of the eleven diagrams, i've enjoyed drawing the sections of ovary, kidney, last but not the least, that of testis, my favourite of them all.

My histo record, is precious to me, something that will be revered by me for all time to come, for all the pain, the time, and the appreciation that has gone into it.


December Stud said...

First, thanks for visiting my blog :)

Ahhhhh....nostalgia for me too...the only difference is that when I was in school and college, I sucked in biology ;)

I was quite good in writing the answers, but was horrible with diagrams....I had soooo made up my mind never to get into anything know they would ask us to write an amoeba and I would mess that up you can imagine, right ?

It's cool you enjoy it so much. I had so many friends who were so good in, the opposite.

Nice piece...

mouna said...

thanks ds, for visiting, i miss drawing them, but all good things come to an end..