Tuesday, November 07, 2006

a revamped hudson circle

Hudson circle saw a new entry, last week. It already has two petrol stations, a church (Hudson church, which completed hundred years of existance last year).

The church is filled to the brim, every sunday on account of the mass arranged. The church is decorated beautifully, during Christmas, and on new year's eve. The name of the circle has been changed, indianised, rather, but it has always been Hudson circle for us.

The BMP( Bangalore Mahanagara Palike) has installed, a tower. This tower is similar to those installed by Kempegowda, the founder of the city. Thus, the name, Kempegowda Tower. It is beautiful, and stands majestically, amongst the buzzing vehicles.

If one views the tower from the side of the church, one gets to see the Kanteerva Inndoor stadium. The towers of the upcoming luxury hotel, on Lavelle Road built by Vijay Mallya can also be observed. The Kempegowda tower fades into oblivion when compared with those of the multimillionaire.

One could easily mistake the towers of the hotel, to be taken from a picture postcard from New York. Glass panels, shiny boards adorn the outside of these towers. It looks sophisticated, trendy and it is not surprising with the person himself being a socialte in the true sense, groping for a photograph, with girls half his age!

Though father argues, that the city corporation could have a better job, of the Kempegowda tower, i find it good enough. A garden, of sorts, is maintained around it, with water fountains et al. Water was seen springing from the fountains, on the day of inaugaration, if i could term it so.

Heaven knows, when water will dampen the ground, again. A splendid sight indeed, but the flowers that highlighted the place, when the chief minister, threw it open to the public, were still present, even after three days. But, they'd lost their brilliance. Only, limp, decomposing flowers met my eyes.


mchevar said...

when i pass through blogs i found yours. Good write ups about bangalore. Keep it up.

mouna said...

mchevar, thanks a lot, do keep visiting!!