Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dhoop was played on one of the cable channels today. I ended up watching the entire movie. I always wanted to watch that movie, me being jobless helped me it.

It's a okay movie, keeping in mind that the movie is non-commercial in nature. A gist of the movie for the uninitiated:

Sanjay Suri plays the son, with Om Puri and Revathi as his parents. Gul Panaag acts as his fiance. Suri, an army officer, dies at the start of the movie. The parents find it difficult to overcome the loss of the son(obviously). Compensation is offered to them, by allotting them a petrol bunk. How, they fight corruption, running from pillar to post, and the achievement of their goal forms the climax. Some scenes are touching. Ghazals form the soundtrack, i didn't like it a bit.

What suprised me is this: the father never accepts defeat from his son's end. A dialogue goes, which has the father telling his son never to return home, if he is not successful. It's so blatant. How could any parent tell his child so? If the world were to be filled with successful people, where would we all be. Comparison would ever find a place on earth(that's a good thing ideed!) Is success, defined by the acts that we perform? moreso how would i learn basic stuff like, tying my shoe-laces, not to touch a hot iron....

Learing is a process, which invariably has failures attached to it, whether we like it or not! Learning, by correcting mistakes is better than being instructed by somebody else. In this situation, do we allow, our minds to grow? Our thinking will be crippled.


ganga said...

pretty insightful..
...father telling his son never to return home, if he is not successful.....yeah these kind of persons are very rare..but me seen a parent like this..But his son came out with success..What if he dint? i thought so many time about this..


mouna said...

yes, what if he didn't, can parents really act this way... what can be the reason behind such a statment?