Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I really wish i had gone out of Delhi during the Holi weekend. Out of Delhi for a holiday. Yes i had fun, i played Holi twice, ate sweets and savories, but i wish i had gone out to some other place.

Delhi is getting hotter (the temperature still is around thirty, but you feel the sunshine and the heat). No, i am not complaining. Since it is hot, i can't go outside during the day, so the only time to go out are the evenings when i can't plan to go anywhere far.

Guess this is how the next few months will be.


AJEYA RAO said...

may be you could enjoy the evenings in Delhi, Bye experiencing Something that is very specific to the city. I recently found out restaurants in Bangalore that serve till 2:00 AM and that for me was a revelation worth celebrating. :-)

mouna said...
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mouna said...

thanks ajeya, but i'm not a late-night person. i do go out in the evenings, in fact, i've found a convenient hangout place where a friend and i meet.