Friday, October 04, 2013

Men and women are structured differently by Nature. I don't know much about men, or i haven't read much about it. Of women, i do know that it is better to bear a child between the years twenty-five and thirty. If women are given enough respect in homes, then i wouldn't mind making a choice of being a homemaker. There should be other factors which are kinda valid but i'm not aware of it. If a woman, in order to fight against unfair social norms, has to defy the laws of Nature, let it be so.

The whole of mankind is on a deteriorating path, a part of the population defying Nature's rules isn't a big deal. Maybe i'm being narcissistic here. But the whole damn responsibility of going along to propagate or protect mankind and Nature cannot solely be women's. Let's all go to heaven or hell together.

 p.s. deteriorating path or not, you do understand me, right?

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