Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It must be about two years or so since A passed away (i'm not sure). He was a young man, we were shocked to hear the news. And disturbed, especially mother and father. A twenty-something boy meets with a freak accident and dies there. I guess I'll never forget that day. A van brought him to his house, on the bier, and the family wailing on sighting this. Gruesome.

I had never known that deaths could effect even a third person. Grandmother had died a little before that time, but we were expecting it. But, suddenly, when a neighbourhood boy tells you that a young person in his prime whom you've seen for some time is no more, you really feel helpless. Those scenes play in front of my eyes now and then. His family shifted their house of residence, but that changes little, doesn't it?

That same night, i contacted two friends. I was crazy then, but, i so wanted them to be safe from accidents from then on. One was hurt badly on the road once. I was scared for him and i felt better after speaking to him. When i mailed the other, he was amused at my act. Guess he never understood my fears.

One moment, and everything changes. If only A had been careful that day.

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Ms.Hegde said...

Reminds me of my best friend's brother's death who was just 35yrs, went for a jolly ride with his friend and never returned.
It's the parents who have to suffer the most when their children die so young.