Sunday, March 27, 2011

I remember having read 'God Sees the Truth, But Waits' by Leo Tolstoy (a good piece of fiction). I don't see the reason why but i'm being reminded of this story quite frequently since the past few days. And i've been wanting to write something on this, but i really couldn't figure out how. Well, here i am.

When i was speaking to a professor of mine last month, i wish i meant every word i spoke. But i was simply putting on a brave front. And i want to so mean it now. I want to sustain periods of dejection and emerge successful. Atleast i can prove myself that i can do it. And i think it's better to forget (i hope it does not sound very grand, you know what i mean) people and not drag unpleasant memories into lengths of time. And let go of it. Maybe by penning my thoughts, i'm able to do so. And start over something new. I think i'll read 'The Alchemist' again. It had impressed me when i first read it

And i know i'm lesser than a minuscule when compared to the entire providence. And i'm amazed and proud of the Japanese as i read and hear stories of their integrity. Wish i glean some of it!!

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