Thursday, September 02, 2010

When in school, i used to borrow books from the library at school and from a private library. During test times or when i was found to be pouring over novels all day long instead of reading my text books, my parents hid them so that i could concentrate on my studies. I remember i used to search for them on the sly. This process occurred a few times until they found out that the concealing-books bore no result.

I don't think they spent much time choosing a secure place which was out of my reach. So i used to discover the book more or less in the same place. It isn't difficult for a child to defy or outsmart it's parents' during some instances. Eventually the game stopped.


Shiv said...

Have you ever tried keeping the novel inside text book and posing as if you are reading the text book :)

Anonymous said...

I had membership in three different libraries. Same story..on text books.

But the difference is me , my brother and my mom fight for who gets to read them first :-)

Thanks for reminding.

mouna said...

i've done that and was caught red-handed once. i was blasted that day :D

sometimes, we quarrel at home too. but i win usually :)

neela said...

I used to hide Enid Blyton's books in my textbook-even in school !
There is a special thrill to read when you are expected to do something else ;)

mouna said...

i didn't quite know that Enid Blyton was the name of the author until in high school. i always had assumed that they were a series of books so as to say.