Sunday, September 05, 2010

I was surprised to hear a school-going kid say that she was on Facebook. A couple of us 'seniors' (so as to say) were discussing about it and this girl joined in. I went on to ask her what interested her on the site, and pat came the reply. Her friends including herself chatted on Facebook.

Whatever happened to long telephonic conversations with friends?!


Shiv said...

This is no nephew who is in 3rd standard has orkut,facebook profiles and he knows where to download the games.

Thanks to information super highway !?

neela said...

Children these days seem to belong to another species.At least that's how I feel sometimes.
In school today we were celebrating T day-the girls were as comfortable wearing sarees as they are when they wear jeans.
And all the days' snaps are already on facebook.
They never cease to amaze me.

mouna said...

wonder what interests them so much? will this fascination continue? don't know.

their vocabulary surprises me. they use words that i started to use when in college.