Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I was reminded of this incident that occurred when i was in Class Ten by one of my classmates. I still wonder as to how dumb my Math teacher was to have remarked so. Here's the entire story.

S brought Polo to class everyday. And she would distribute the mints amongst us. There were times when we had to persuade her to be kind to us in this regard. It had become a practice, i guess, to eat Polo daily.

Now coming to the event. Mrs. P taught us Math (she was a bad one), and she was teaching us when this happened.. K and i were getting bored i guess. S used to sit in the row behind us. And we started pestering her to give Polo to us the in the middle of class. I had this strong feeling that Mrs. P wouldn't harm us if we were caught in the act. So we got some mints from her. I was in the process of popping them into my open mouth when Mrs. P saw me. The next thing she said, 'Are you eating naphthalene balls?' I told her that we were not and they were simply mouth fresheners.

One thing that i still don't understand is: Why would anybody on God's Earth would eat naphthalene balls? She and her observation, wow??!!


Ms.Hegde said...

very funny indeed:)

Anonymous said...

Why P, K and S etc .. why not real names ? It must be long back right ?