Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Mahabharatha is a great epic. I know the outline but not the finer details. If i were to summarise the whole of it, i'd say that the story tells that all's fair in dharma. Even when it results in somebody's death.

The film 'Raajneeti' is supposed to have the plot of the same. The speed of the film is quite good. Ranbir Kapoor is passive, he hardly emotes. Katrina Kaif's better in this regard, some of her lines are impressive. I have to add that i appreciate her more than Aishwarya Rai, even looks-wise. As the film moves, it appears to me that both the families avenge the other through a spate of killings. The raw cruelty that i saw in 'Gangajal' is not seen here.

I expected Ajay Devgan to play in a better role. When compared to the charisma he carried in 'Gangajal', this is nothing. Ranbir's dialogues after the climax claiming that he didn't want to get involved in politics but circumstances compelled him to do that is so shallow. It is contrary to the entire course of action that he followed after his father dies.

Perhaps, the characters could have been developed better. There are snatches of thoughts which could have been connected better.

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Looking forward to watch this tomorrow.. today tickets were sold out :-(