Thursday, March 25, 2010

A shell of Unio from my B.Sc. days. We were required to dissect the Mollusc in order to display it's digestive system. The digestive tract is curvy (S-shaped) and i remember, the tube passes through the heart at it's posterior end.

In my opinion, one of the best animals to dissect (after the frog). We worked on this animal about four times in all. We were allowed to practice on them before our semester exams. This lot of Unios were brought in a few weeks before we started with them. Hence some were well into the process of decay. During this particular class, not all of us could see a distinct digestive system. Even after 'excavating' the entire thickness of the flesh as somebody pointed out.

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Nascent Hydrogen said...

Eeks mus have been a little disgusting?? Somehow I feel dissecting humans is better... To each, her own... :)