Monday, January 11, 2010

Every other person today (in India) appears to be writing novels which actually are published. I wonder whether they are read by many people. As i glance at book reviews occasionally, i tend to think that the rate of publishing books is quite high. I haven't read any of these, and i don't think i've seen any at the very few bookstores i visit. Moreover, if the stories are the 'One Night at The Call Centre' types, then i guess they are easily forgettable.


Anonymous said...
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Srik said...

Yes. The number of books getting published is quiet amusing, thinking about the argument that the individual book-time is now lost to the TV/Internet etc../!

But as you've sais, most of these books are either too mediocre or mundane. I dont remember anything fresh and of literary importance coming my way at all.... There are of course a few exceptions, though.