Thursday, October 29, 2009


Drops of water rolled down the sides of the feet. Towards the hardened surface of the sole. Stepping into the room, she decidedly ignored the cotton mat. Woven together using loose strips of coloured cotton. Placed at the entrance to serve a healthy purpose.

She could sense the wetness below her. Coolness enveloped her feet. A first step was taken and it resulted in a muddle of sorts. The outline of her feet was cloudy. Droplets of water had scattered around, adding to the big picture. The next footprint seemed better. It appeared less muddled.

Further on, those prints gained clarity. Five toes with the big one being prominent. The final one could be considered obscure, well it hardly left a mark. A depression near the middle portion of the sole was also lost. A slender heel followed. Until all the water allowed itself to trace a pattern on the dry ground.

Only to vanish. When those minuscule entities of water vaporized into heavy air.

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