Friday, October 23, 2009

Generally, i hardly take a nap in the afternoons. Unless i'm completely bogged down by something. But, i do sleep during seminars. This is a habit (bad one?) that i developed during my post-grad. We had a classroom with dark curtains blocking sunlight, with a projector switched on at the head of the room. We usually occupied the last row, and barely listened to what was being talked about.

I was one among the lot who drifted to sleep. The air around me was apt. My friends have taken photos and videos of me sleeping peacefully. I think they were jealous. Later on, some of us were habituated to this.

Unfortunately, this addiction of mine has continued to this day. I need to break it. I can't sit in the front row and doze in front of my guide. He's noticed me, not once, but twice. I so need to come out of it. I'm trying hard.

One day, i hope to be wide awake, soaking in everything that makes a presentation.



J B Jux said...

Cuppa Coffee will do the trick! Try it! Get a dark espresso. If you are not used to it. It can be tough but once you get used to it, you can stay awake through the most mundane, boring lectures.

Anonymous said...

I 've gone through this as well...its not just you..try to keep writing some points or making notes so your not bored..or some times over concentration can also make you doze. Take water if you dont like coffee..

mouna said...

J B Jux,
thanks, but i don't like coffee.

yes, over-concentration does induce sleep. I've realized that.