Wednesday, September 30, 2009

tickets to KPL finals

If i'm correct, the KPL finals was held on the 23rd of this month. A friend of my father's gave him two tickets to the finals as he, himself couldn't make it. We couldn't go there as we were busy. Father started phoning some of his friends asking whether they'd like to pick those tickets.

That was the first time i had tickets for a top-class match (if you term KPL top-class, that is). I did watch some Ranji matches live at the University cricket grounds in Mysuru. That was twice. The first time, it was five minutes after we entered the stands, and lunch was declared. Both times, we hardly knew the other team, and we could barely recognise the players. Moreover test matches are slow, and a group of us sat there to give each other company until we got tired of it.

Coming back to those KPL tickets, after an hour of speaking on the phone, nobody had the time to go to the Chinnaswamy stadium that day. I was shocked. We are cricket fanatics. Isn't this the reason why the IPL and now, the KPL occurs?

It was about ten in the night when mother dumped those unused tickets into the dustbin. We caught the last few overs, and later the celebrations on television. I liked the look of the ticket, it was green and gold with embossed prints.

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The 'Ekaangi' said...

My cousin had been to the finals... same way... someone gave him passes. He said it was a pretty boring match... so U didn't miss much. But i think KPL was a good thing that happened to our state cricket !