Tuesday, September 29, 2009

luxury and noise

I made a trip to Mysuru last month. I had to pick up some documents from the University there. KSRTC runs Corona buses from Bengaluru to Ooty, and i got into one of them. These are the AC, deluxe buses and that was the first time i got into a deluxe bus running between Bengaluru and Mysuru.

The seats were pretty comfortable, and i was ready to settle in for a nap. Meanwhile, the conductor snapped open an LCD screen before me. I then, realised that they'd be showing some movie. The idea of me sleeping amidst bursts of noise, dialogues and music was lost somewhere.

Of all films presented to the public by the Kannada film industry, the conductor had to show Nanda Loves Nanditha. An unmentionable, meaningless film. I was shocked. I so wanted to tell the conductor to play some other film or none at all. Some people on the bus actually enjoyed the film. No wonder the film was declared a hit.

I, never, in my lifetime, thought that i was to watch this film someday. Could KSRTC please make note of the standard of Kannada films that are showed in buses? There are plenty of good, watchable films. The of impact made by such Kannada films on non-Kannadigas can be disappointing. Their opinions of our films can turn out to be pretty bad.

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