Tuesday, September 01, 2009

glazed with rain

The night had cool breezes blowing. As the body rested against the window, the eyes peered into the inky-blue darkness. Blocks of different heights marked the boundary of the bigger commercial establishment. Some stars twinkled in the never-ending sky. Strong lights beamed from the distance, fringing the roof of a hotel in the distance. Circles of flashy yellow placed in an array.

Leaves shone on a nearby tree. Like they had been glazed with varnish. Glazed black leaves turning white, almost, when light fell on them and when the soft air currents played with them. Raining it was, intermittently. The window bars had drops of water hanging precariously. As if a gentle touch of the hand would disregard the delicate balance made the droplet of water with the window bar. Leading to a soft plop onto the hard concrete surface below.

The night went on.

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