Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the kite runner - the film

The Kite Runner is a story told with great detail, touching the emotional chord. It is so poignantly told that one starts to imagine the scenes herself/himself. The Afghanistan prior to the Russian invasion and the Taliban rule is pictured beautifully. It makes one want to holiday there. It's a pity the country had to undergo such a devastating phase.

The film goes by the same name.

When i started viewing films adapted from books that i've read, i always used to say that the movie adaptation fails to get the entire essence of the film (mostly Harry Potters'). But, i retracted on my statement after watching the Da Vinci Code, and perhaps, Angels and Demons. I really enjoyed the former. Every page is represented in the film. I did not think that the director missed out a major point present in the novel.

After reading an article about the film adaptation of The Kite Runner, i made it a point to watch the film. It skims through the pages, editing out those sequences which i feel is essential. As they are recalled upon.

On the other hand, what i really liked about this film are those scenes viewed from the sky, from a kite's point of view. The event of kite flying is filmed appreciably well. With kites travelling on air currents, dipping and rising. The blue sky in the background with excited cries from children.

In total, it's an O.K. film, by me. I guess the 'O.K.' might have been a 'good' if i hadn't read the book.


The 'Ekaangi' said...

I don't think the Da Vince movie was made that well... contrary to what U thought, there were plenty missing in the movie as compared to the book. Its indeed a mammoth task to give a justifiable movie especially after the book has become popular... but movies seriously kill imaginations. I can never read harry potter again without getting pictures of radcliffe and emma watson in my head. I'd rather do just one... either just read or just watch... do both and you are in for some disappointment

Srik said...

I have not yet read the book. So, I might feel it Good. Let me get to this movie....soon.

mouna said...

no, you need to read the book. whether you see the film or not is secondary.