Friday, July 24, 2009

the art of sleeping

I learnt the art of sleeping, during classes, when in undergrad. I use the word sleep specifically, as i literally used to sleep. Doze, i did at times, but i slept many times. I also did sleep in post grad, many times. Was caught red-handed
once or twice, but my friends came to my rescue.

Monday mornings used to bring in the blues. At times, i groaned after waking up on Monday mornings, and pushed myself into the bathroom. The first hour on Monday was Zoology. And it was handled by a very nice lady. Mrs. V is fluent in her subject, and is kind-at-heart. I used to sit in the 3rd or the 4th row, occupying the position beside the aisle. Quite under her nose. And dozed. I found it so difficult to keep myself awake. She taught us the classification of Zoology, and had that special ability to make a class interesting. I was threatened most classes, that i'd be marked absent. As and when my name was called out from the register, she used to glare at me; in a friendly manner. Apprehension ruled me for the first few classes. But, later, when i got to know her a bit well, i was never bothered by her threats.

I used to sleep in Micro classes too. They were scheduled just after lunch. Eyelids would close, as if by magic. All of us used to lie down. Watching everybody struggling to keep their eyes open was fun. We were chided, scolded at times. All harsh words fell on deaf ears.

We had language classes for the first four semesters. We were about sixty in a class, and were hardly noticed. In the fourth semester, i was asked to freshen myself quite a number of times, during an on-going class. I guess, i was the only person to do that, repeatedly. And the Kannada lecturer did ask me to show proof of water on my face. I was shocked. How could somebody, a senior faculty at that, ask a student to do something like that. I then replied, saying that the water had evaporated, and hence my face was dry. I don't think she bought that, but i was true to every word of my answer. If you ask me, her face showed suspicion, high levels at that, even on hearing my answer. And i was asked to enter the class. I still can't comprehend the reason behind she asking me that particular question. God alone knows!!

Again in the final semester, Mrs. V handled Genetics for us. If i'm right, it was a Monday, and it was the last period, from 3 to 4 in the evening. We were tired and couldn't take any more of Zoology. Ours was the only class functioning on the entire floor. We did complain, and i did reschedule that hour to a more convenient time. Mrs. V was talking about Epistasis. I blinked a few times, drank a few sips of water, to keep my eyes open. The minimum i could do was to prove that i was not dozing, if not attentive. I was sitting in the second row, and didn't want to be caught by her. Of course, me being caught napping was nothing new. In vain. I slept for a few minutes in peace. Nevertheless, i was not noticed, or even if i was, nothing was mentioned about it.

I found myself refreshed (after the nap), ready to soak in Genetics. She was speaking about something, which i never understood. I did think logically to grasp those inferences made by some scientist. I still did not get it. I then, interrupted the class, asking her to repeat the theory. She stood in silence in moment, saying that i could have asked her earlier, and enquired as to what i was doing when it was being taught. Hesitantly, i told her that i slept. The class burst out laughing instantly. Mrs. V, who speaks in a loud note, told me, 'Mouna, i speak loudly, in fact i almost shout in class, and you could still sleep. How's that possible?'.

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praneshachar said...

nice one to sleep doze off in class and still Njoy. icing on cake is when u told Mrs. V I was sleeping. hats off to your grit and three cheers to you. afternoon classes it is true most people do it. I had this problem when I was on training schedule last year, it was class rooms after a long break and afternoon after heavy food in a/c class room u have no better thing to do than have a nap.
keep going mouna u r gr8