Sunday, July 19, 2009

All trees receive the same sunlight and water. Thought the quantities required or received may be different. One cannot term a huge tree to suffice itself without these elements.

It is perhaps, the same with us too. Just because somebody is capable of doing and handling tough situations, it does not mean the same person does not require assistance. She/he seeks for a helping hand, with no obvious verbal communication. Encouraging and supporting people during such instances, it's something beyond providing assurance. It's to show that a second or a third person is present, she/he who cares for you, though the frequency of such instances may be low.

It's a pity. We forget to say, 'It's alright, things will get better...', when it is required of us. Who knows, this phrase may lighten somebody's heart, someday. One can never tell. At times, even the srongest person, asks for a supporting hand, to stand up straight.

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