Monday, April 27, 2009

Nilgiris and no ice-cream!!

The three of us trooped down to Nilgiris on Brigade Road yesterday. I expected myself to gobble some yummy ice-cream that those people manufacture. Their softies are the best that i've ever tasted.

After walking down M.G. Road and Brigade Road to enter Nilgiris. I immediately go to the counter where they vend ice-creams. Preparing to order a cone for myself. To my utter disappointment i don't see those cans of frozen ice-creams. Instead i see jars of Baskin Robbins. I ask the lady at the counter, 'Where are the ice-creams?' She replied that they don't manufacture them anymore.

What bad luck!! The management of Nilgiris know that their range of ice-creams is one of the best in Bengalooru. With people like me, it's terrible. On reaching home, i lamented to my sister. She enjoys their products too.

Why did Nilgiris take this turn?? Hope they go back to producing ice-cream again!

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