Saturday, April 25, 2009

3 years, it is!!

Different shades of varied thoughts approached me during undergraduate studies. That's the time when i learnt how to evaluate things that surround me. From a beauty of a flower, to the teaching mechanisms of a particular lecturer. That was also the time when i perhaps, sought help from people. Started seeking help; that sounds much better. Prior to this, i never expected anybody to do something for me, or didn't realise that moments would arise when it was necessary for others to help me.

Undergraduate studies at MCC opened various avenues. Went to places from there, literally and metaphorically. Guess, this is the reason why i frequent MCC. My first alma mater. I hope i find many people of the same ilk in future alma maters.

I came across people who spare time for my well-being, both in person and on the web, from Mysore to the US. Despite, me calling or mailing them at odd hours, i can expect a cheerful voice from the other side, waiting for me to explain myself. Amazing isn't it?! I shall always be grateful to them.

At the same time, i'm involved in this web too. To my surprise! How humbling!! It would be such a nice world, if young minds are guided to the right track by able people. To do correct, to encourage the mind to flower beautifully. To infuse joy into the task of producing something illuminating.

Suddenly, life and our existance seems worth living.

This blog has survived three years, entangled in this web. I remembered the occasion a little late, during lab. And i pumped my hand into the air. Nevertheless, Thanks to You Guys, for making this entanglement worth it. Sticky and strong, it is. As i always say, it is a pleasant journey where much is learnt.


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