Sunday, March 01, 2009

The sun shone brightly on the grass. Straws of dried grass assumed a golden yellow colour. On the adjoining plot, young stalks of rice saw the bright sun everyday. Absorbing water and minerals from the rich ground. Spring was making way for the harsh summer. An almost non-existent spring in the Indian weather chart.

With colours contrasting; the bright green of the growing rice stalks to the brown of dried grass. Another difference could be observed by the discerning eye; water flooded the field where rice grew, while hard, burnished earth held dead grass.

Such are the contrast in lives too. Sometimes, it's just that the differences appear to draw more attention, when the similarities fade into oblivion. How tragic! If things were to be the other way. Surely, the world would have been a better place to live in. Cliches. At times, i feel that everything is cliched. Even the advent of spring indicated by the song of the cuckoo. Or even the seemingly perfect arranged sand dunes of the desert.

Perhaps, that's when one loses the youthfulness. By youthfulness, i mean the inquisitiveness, the creativity that should rule each person's approach at all times.

How easy it is, to say things. To write these words on a notepad. When one has to kill time, journeying from one city to another. Yet, how difficult, how annoying it is to face it, to feel it. Suddenly the idea of today's existence, the day's confidence seems to be everything, but a joke.

What will tomorrow be like? When i didn't like today. I told my friends, 'There's something amiss. Am i going in the right track?' A friend tried to talk me out of my troubled mind, 'You have started recently. Things will be fine. Allow time to pass.'

'Things will probably be this way. A better version of the harder things to come.' thought i. Isn't there a saying: when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Outside, the night had set. With darkness enveloping the surroundings with eagerness. A determination arose within.To put the day behind her. To start afresh with a free mind.

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