Friday, February 13, 2009

a yellow glint

The pair studs winked at her. As beams of bright sunlight shone on it. Randomly. They stayed in her earlobes for a long time, she decided. The pieces of gold will rest in utmost security for a few months to come. Unless, somebody's reminded of their existence.

She is somebody who refuses to have them adore her. Some piece of decoration. The tiny gold studs were placed in her eyes since a month or so. It is perhaps, the longest period of time during which she allowed the yellow metal to touch her skin. In the recent past.

The last time she wore gold was during a cousin's wedding half an year ago. Quite unlike the usual feminine nature from her background; by way of family and place of birth.

Like it did matter. Who cared for a glint of gold on her ears, or a string hanging down her neck. The latter taking place once in a blue moon, or far more rarely, if one could say. When she had various other things to think about. And when the world abounded in blues, reds, greens.

She, never did understand the value of gold, or the reason why a young woman should deck up with gold necessarily. She would never understand them, perhaps. As mentioned before, she's not bothered by it.

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The 'Ekaangi' said...

The value of gold as on Feb 16th is 146.60 INR per ounce.