Saturday, March 28, 2009


Irony. I never realised that a single word can impact our lives. Irony makes us swear, laugh, cry. It is an important part of a novel, i realisied when i read Khalid Hosseini. Man, i've started to like his writing so much. I'm waiting to buy a copy of A Thousand Splendid Suns. If given a chance along with money, of course, i'll run to the nearest bookstore to buy one.

Hosseini's writing seems to parallel with that of Indian writing. Something like Rohington Mistry, Gulzar; for example. Perhaps, that's the reason why The Kite Runner impressed me.

If observed, one can see irony in the works of Saki, Guy de Maupassant. Their short tales have the climax ironical. The Diamond Necklace by the latter is the best illustration. Perhaps, we need to read such literature to fathom the irony in our lives. We laugh at it, don't we?

Isn't it ironical, when i explain to a friend that tomorrow is illusionary, when i, myself, am so hopeful about a definate, nice tomorrow. Everyday instances.

It is funny, how life plays on us.


Sanjay M said...

hmm you've got me interested... are such books available in any library or do we have to buy them? I have so many books at home and less space Im hoping for a borrowable solution! (but one can always make more room of course)

mouna said...

these book are available in most libraries. top bookstores also sell them. if i were u, i would buy them, they are re-readable, many times over!

thanks for coming over, do come again! :)