Thursday, March 26, 2009

When I was in Bengalooru, perhaps, i didn't experience much of this. Now, that i'm in Mysooru, which is pretty narrow-minded if you ask me. I'm being treated to a lot of male-dominatedness. That's something i hate. To the maximum.

This may seem another rant by a feminist against male chaunism, but i want to rant. People, you can skip this if you want. It's left to you.

Why do i have to depend on a guy for physical help?

Why do i allow myself to be subjugated in front of guys?

A woman is termed nice only if she's soft, docile, and acts according to the wishes of a man. On the other hand, if she's running around doing things by herself, she is arrogant.

A good friend is someone who asks his/her friend to try out new things. To learn new stuff. But, a boy does all the tough jobs for a girl. Isn't it incapacitating another person? Boys generally do that.

Why are boys so careless with their comments? Even when joking around, the tongue should be held in check. To hurt somebody else is bad.

I am happy to mingle with boys during my post-graduation. But, when it comes to this factor, it's get's very annoying and disturbing.


Sanjay M said...

ha ha I understand what you say because someone I knew and his whole family had exactly this attitude that 'women of the house should be kept in their place' (should not interfere with anything and not do anything other than housework). Anyway I wanted to marry an independent self-reliant person and am very happy with my decision. I think you'll like this article which I believe this is very true as I see this wisdom in my wife.

Hmm came to this blog from back bencher Srik's site... a coincidence as in my recent post I've written that silence fosters creativity, and that seems to be the theme of your site as well :)

Srik said...

The Mount Carmel Effect.... huh?!!!

BOYZ ARE BOYZ... be it Bangalore or Bengaluru.