Wednesday, January 23, 2008

again and again

There are some books that require more than one glance. I re-read them, quite a number of times. There's also the pleasure of savouring the contents, in case, it is written by one of my favourite authors.

I tend to read them again and again. When, i think, i need some change in my schedule(especially during test, exams). It's easier to read such stories, as you already know the plot. And you can halt, whenever you want. It provides relief to a tired mind.

I thought that this habit of mine was strange. Apparently, father also practices this. I've seen him reading Yashvant Chittal's Purushottama ample number of times. The same holds good with me with respect to A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry, The Secret Garden, Robin Cook's Coma, Ruskin Bond...

I expressed my thoughts to a professor at my department. His take was that i could rather read fresh unread stories than read the same over and over again.

But, i'd rather prefer the satisfaction that i obtain on re-reading, during times of stress, than turning the pages of a new book.


Kadalabal said...

read what will give u satisfaction may it be a reread. I too read lot like this may be few chapters of a book at times. because you are so fascinated with that u feel like reading it over and over.
These are purely personal and u should do what is good for u
all the best

Ms.Hegde said...

You are not alone in the process of re-reading...
I, too, am of the same nature...
Have re- read The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand and Anweshana by Bhyrappa...

mouna said...

pranesh sir,
i read a few pages, repeatedly :)

ms. hegde,
nice to see you back :)
glad to know that we sail in the same boat!

vaneecha said...

Re-reading has therauptic effects.
moreover for a student it has the wonderful benefit that you have noticed...instantly put-downable !

mouna said...

that is true. it works out, especially during exams, when i want to read something apart from my study material, but don't want to start a new novel :D