Friday, November 09, 2007

mishTi dui

My latest fantasy is mishTi dui. It is the bengali term for sweet curd.

I don't know anything about it's preparation and all that. If i remember correctly, i first ate it when i was of school-going age. Way back. But, i never liked it as such.

Of late, i eat mishTi dui whenever possible. And the best place to savour it is at K.C. Das. One outlet is on St. Marks Road, opposite Koshy's. The other lies on a cross road, from D.V.G. Road, Gandhi Bazar.

I like the small clay pots in which they are served. I make it a point to ask for those, rather than the ones available in plastic cups.

It makes a perfect desert, one can say. A li'l tangy, though the sweet taste of the curd predominates. If you pass the above-mentioned roads, do stop by K.C. Das, and relish sweetened curd. On the other hand, everything at the place is amazing, be it malpo, turkish delight, sandesh, or their samosas'(it is known by a different name, i forget it).

Happy DeepavaLi. May bright light lead us on the right path.

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