Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mysuru as, Bengalooru, was facing rains too(sorry, both go together, i can show my affection towards the latter in this way atleast.)

Everything's fine here. Except the same thing, homesickness(God, will i ever come out of it!!) It pains me every second to be away from home. Father always tend me to go philosophical, every time i feel terrible. At times, it does work. But thinking about the same, thoughts shift to those involving my parents, and i end up feeling terrible.

People, here, i don't know much about them. But, surely my classmates are the friendly type. But, my acommodation, that is something that i need time to adjust. Everything about it has to be compared with that of at home. And the comfortable feeling is not there. I know it's ridiculous. Nothing can equal home.

On the other hand i still think that i can find myself another place. Something better, according to me. I've checked quite a few places in the locality where i currently stay. But, something else could be worth checking.

Or am i foolish to look for something else. I want something better.



Kadalabal said...

your home sickness is understandable. lelaving home for first time and stying alone in new place where everything is new is uncomfortable for some time. but look at the opprotunity which has opened up for you. learn to live without parental support so also close friends. yes it is is a life time opportunity for looking at the world independentaly and learn and also know the difficulties people face including u in a new place. an opportunity to make new friends and opportunity to be independent. so at the positives and move ahead. all the best a in course of time u will adjust to the new environement more comfortably.
now u are in an era of email ande communicatio is easy so u are much better placed than me when I left out for studies decades back.

parijata said...

Hang in there. After finishing your studies, I'm sure you'll feel bad about leaving Mysore, even if you continue living at your present accommodation.

The 'Ekaangi' said...

life outside is tough !! no denyin that, nvr experienced it myself, but seen frens struggling ...
But I have also seen them cryin whn they left Bangalore ... sayin hw much they are gonna miss the place and frens here ... Bengalooru and Mysuru aint tht far ... dont worry ... the very thing tht happened to my frens is gonna happen to u too ...