Friday, June 22, 2007

The weather's bleak. Courtesy, some dratted cyclone that hangs over Chennai.

Where exactly is the monsoon?

It's supposed to be raining cats and dogs in Bangalore. Only a light drizzle is to be observed. I thought that the rain clouds were kind enough to postpone the rains till about this week. I was all prepared to get drenched in the rain, expecially now that my exams are over. Another cyclone near Oman stalled the winds carrying rain in the previous week.

Will we ever get to face heavy downpours?

It's dreary outside. A continuation since that past few days. I usually like the cold breezes that is common in this season. Some hot fritters, or a lip-smacing bar of ice-cream... i enjoy the latter than the former. But, this time, the environment is a mirror to the situation that i'm involved in.

Cheerlessness looms everywhere. The coming days do not appear to hold any nice things. All is sundry. I've stopped cheering myself. Hoping that something encouraging will occur, is so useless. It's annoying and saddening.

How long will i've to sail in the harsh sea?

People ask me to believe in fate. I don't know. Maybe i should. It sounds comforting. And all this while, i had percieved that my actions will pave my way for the morrow to come. Perhaps, i should start trusting fate.

Is there a plank somewhere, which'll help me stay afloat? Which'll vanquish all the dark that overpowers me?


Kalyan said...

Beyond darkness there is light and when there is no other alternative available to us we surrender ourselves to fate to get that bit of comfort that we can actually get, what we haven't till now and yes things always doesn't go the way we perceive
& for the rains, it is playing hide & seek with us here in Calcutta also. Isn't it such a wonderful feeling getting drenched in the first rains of the season!

mouna said...

as for the 'getting drenched' part, i agree with u. totally! :)

Anand Balaji said...

Now, now... you seem soaked in your confusion.

mouna said...

huh??! i didn't get it?