Sunday, June 24, 2007

tidy environs

As i strolled along D.V.G Road the other day, i realised that they were no bins where one could dump scraps, spoons, paper plates.... etc.

I had bought chaat, and on finishing it, i had to scout for a place to dispose the litter. And this road serves as a hub to various sections of the society.

Even the area around Vidhana Soudha, High Court do not have dustbins dotting the footpaths. These places house many government offices. Where one can observe squeals and red lights accompanying an entourage of white cars, every now and then.

My bag usually contains wrappers of various kinds stacked into it. As the route i take fails to house dustbins. On reaching home, the dustbin in my room overflows with litter.

A few vendors sell bananas near Hudson Circle. They have cane baskets where one can throw the peal. That's pretty sensible. Those people collect the junk at the end of the day and dispose them God knows where. But, the place is safe from banana skins.

Can't we learn something from these folks? They draw my admiration whenever i see them.
In the least, M.G. Road has small bins lining the road. Whether commuters use it or not, it does serve the purpose. It is left to the conscience of the people to make good use of it, and keep their surroundings tidy.

We are talking about major locations in the city which teems with people, be it, any time of the day. It is the responsibilty of the BBMP to maintain the cleanliness of the area. At the same time, we cannot shrug off our obligations too.

It is better for us to make conscious efforts in this regard, then waiting for the authorities to gain enlightenment. There seems to be some amount of satisfaction attached to it.


Anand Balaji said...

Is the BBMP taking note?

Priya said...

agree with you..have you ever noticed how the waste always seems to be just outside the bins and not necessarily inside them...both people and BBMP need to be more concious of the environment around us...

mouna said...

will they? even if someone screams something valid into their ears, they are tuned deaf! we should do our part as well, that makes more sense!

obviously, the reason is lost easily. those bins hardly contain anything! how ironic!!

December Stud said...

I am actually a lil surprised. I thought Bengalooru corporation was way above this, especially with the 'garden city' thingy and all that. Good post, we need such posts more.....Every drop counts.

Sundar said...

Good post. Yes I think it is time we stop expecting the govt to do things and start working on our own. Afterall it's our surroundings and not the Govt's alone. Why do we depend so much on others to do things, why can't we do our little bit and keep the garbage out of the streets. If not for anything else, just for our satisfaction.

Anand Balaji said...

Yup! It's the little drops that count. I can begin with my own backyard and the world will be a cleaner place.
Good post!

Prasanna Sastry said...

Nice post mouna avare, we shud also enlighten the people(mainly the educated) who throw the waste on the road even though knowing its against the law.

A little bit of moral policing among them will stop people like "Lalu spitting on the track "

mouna said...

i don't know how far this title holds good. the gardens are taken care of in a better fashion. but we can be a little more neat.

yes, we should start treating our surroundings with care. we live amongst it.

i'd like to mention another thing: this habit can get contagious, for a good reason. :)
if one starts following it, others fall in line too! this is the best part!

what to do? though they are aware, they hardly are concerned... moral policing, probably... to some extent.

Anand Balaji said...

I keep sweet wrappers etc in my pocket until I get home (if there's no way to dispose them whilst travelling).

What gets my goat is when the gum that someone has chewed to death sticks onto my shoes! Ewwwww:(

Srik said...

The great Indian commandment of garbage:

1. Where there is garbage already, Thou shalt use that place to litter.
2. Where the place is tidy, thou shalt turn around to look if some one watching. If no one is, thou shalt litter that place.
3. If some one is watching, carry the dirt until you find a place that is either in the first or second category.

Some tips :
i) Look out for the corner of the road, or where two cross roads meet.
ii) You can also utilise the empty sites of the colony to throw the dirt and make urself light.
iii) You can also use the outer wall of a park or a foot path constructed by the corporation.
................ List grows.

mouna said...

the wrappers that i carry home easily gives away the list of snacks that i ate outside home. and it also gives way to loud voices from mother.. nobody would like it if i ate an icecream or something oily, when i've a sore throat, u see ;)

yuck! to those sticky gums...

nice.. nice, mind if i add some?
4. Look busy, and just drop the junk, u know, by accident. If, somebody, persay, does question... one can pretend.
5. Vehicles at rest also make good dumping grounds. Jolly well, after an hour of shopping, one can spot a small pile at the end of it.

any more? let the list grow!

Kalyan said...

Uncleanliness, it seems is everywhere. I believe until we become self-conscious, no-one can help us, because how many of us even throw at a bin even if its in a hands distance from us.

mouna said...

u hit the nail on its head, but do we realise that?

Srik said...

this layout is not good :-(

neela said...

Mouna's green ...
That connection will take sometime to get erased off.
Thought provoking post.
Many of us do take care to crush the coffee cup after use in a train.But the other day I saw atleast a hundred cups lying on the track right with in the station limits.
Aren't we ourselves giving a chance for unhealthy reusing by some unscrupulous vendor?Shudder to think if such re-use does take place...eeks

mouna said...

i realised it!! :)

trains are probably the best examples, in this regard :D
the worst is the reuse of mineral water bottles. they fill them with 'drinking water' and sell them again!