Friday, June 15, 2007

that day

I was blessed a number of times that day.

I was left amazed, i am, even after a day. Surprising, people made it a point to wish me. A privilege.

My joy knew no bounds when i recieved a card and a letter. Excitement ran through me when i fingered it. I still look at it lovingly, with a smile on my face. Ink on paper. Words from her.

A few friends congratulated me. Would they let go of an easy prey? The day was no different from the others. On the other hand, it was. Cramming diseases, their characteristics into me, which celebrated....

Celebrated the smile that played on my face..... the rings which heralded M's call... the beeps on my phone.... the pride on my parents' face.... the cheerful, unknown voices which came running towards me.

They lit my day.


December Stud said...

....and ehre's one more candle. Let it glow.

mouna said...

i'm beaming with joy! :)
thanks a lot!

Raghu said...

Your birthday? Many Happy Returns of the Day! :) (though it is a bit belated..)

Anand Balaji said...

Belated B'day wishes mouna!!!
May everything your heart desires come to pass in this year.
God Bless

neela said...

Many happy returns!!
May God grant all your wishes.

rk said...

happy b-day & best wishes!


manu said...

Reading the above comments, I too convey my best though belated bday wishes.

Priya said...

hi...many happy returns of the day (though belated)...God Bless

parijata said...

Wish you a very, very happy year ahead.

mouna said...

thanks a lot!! am i not blessed? yes, plenty of times. :D

Srik said...

ooops im the last one, better late than never!

Here I take this space in wishing you a happy birthday(belated). I'm sure all your dreams would come true...sooner!
- Srik.

mouna said...

thanks a lot! :)