Wednesday, June 13, 2007

her voice

I want to listen to that voice.

A voice which is shrill, loud and yet sweet. That voice which calls out to me, when she comes running to me.

It shakes me from a peaceful nap. In case i don't stir up, the tone just gets boisterous. Untill the purpose is served. Resulting in a sweet conversation between her and me. Pulling me out of bed, making me run behind her.

Many a times, both of us mount a talking expedition. While we prove the other weak. Invariably, i win. It does not leave her hurt, it only makes her smile and laugh.

I want to hear the gushing chuckles, accompanying a full-throated laughter. She giggles oh so! pleasantly. She's been doing that since she gained perfection in the respective art. She always has an enchanting grin on her face, some lulls playing a never-heard tune. That which makes me go weak in my knees. That which makes me want to hold her in my arms and cuddle her.

She longs for comfort when she wimpers. A slow one which ascends high scales of frequency jarring one's ears. The secure feeling when she knows that i'm beside her, she longs for that. A scream, any time, is so indicative. She's probably bawling when she's forced to do something that she does not like, or when she's being fed.....

That high-pitched tone, which heralds her appearance.... a pleading note, when she begs for something.... a wimpering her, craving for affection.... those soft notes that spill out as lines from her favourite song, the excited tone that informs of something interesting she saw... a soft 'coooooo...' in my ears when i ask her to call out to the cuckoo.....

B, can i hear your voice tomorrow? Please, sweetheart.....

Your voice fills sheer bliss in me.


Decemebr Stud said...

and you made me wonder who she really is. I have a few clues, but am too scared to spill them out ;)

Srik said...
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Srik said...

"Lo! Here I'm calling....
- B"

She asked me to say this to you...shhhh!

But dont quarrel ;)

mouna said...

that's my neice..

now, now even if i wanted to keep this as a secret, srik spilled the beans..

but why are u 'scared'? either u've got it right or not, ashte.

thanks a lot! :D :D

u made my day... no quarrellin,g absolutely no!

December Stud said...

Scared because, one of my options was a, you see :)

mouna said...

this is getting interesting!! really! if it is possible, may i know the other options...
puh...lleeeessseeeee.. :)

i thought i'd given enough hints in this post!

December Stud said...

A neice or a young cousin were obviously on the list (with the pet of course).

And, the floowing lines, amde me think it may eb your mother:

"Invariably, i win. It does not leave her hurt, it only makes her smile and laugh."

It's a little hard to imagine younger one accepting defeat ;)