Tuesday, June 05, 2007

a matter of time

Yesterday was 'world environment day'. A day to lament. A day when mistakes are realised(?), and when attempts(?) are made to rectify(?) them. Crying over split milk.

Most of the times, we think of an environment which is beneficiary to mankind. We often forget that other animals and plants also play important roles in our lives. Though indirectly.

Possibly in another five years, we are to face dire consequences. That is if the present situation is considered passe'. We already have the sun shining a bit too much, the rains causing ruckus.... We'll face a rampant malaria, tuberculosis, and a fresh bunch of infections.

The tiger made it to the headlines again. Approximately 95% of them have been killed in the last hundred years. What next? Attempts are made to save them. Will they work? They definately will, if concrete dicisions are taken. If things proceed without any hitches. But, that's all that is there.

What about tigers, lions cheetahs(they are extinct in india)..... asiatic elephants, the ganges dolphin, what about their survival? I want B to see these beasts live, not in a documentary movie which was shot years ago, and not in any picture books. I want her to appreciate the bountiness of nature, to enjoy the majestic gait of a tiger, to see elephants playing in water....

This affection for animals does not stem as i'm a biology student. I'm sure M(who is not related to biology in any aspect) would show concern in the same way.

As per research most of the havoc is caused by developed countries, simply because they produce more greenhouse gases than the third-world countries do. Apparently, the affects of these are felt more prominently near the equator. Incidently, most of the under-developed countries are located in the eguatorial region. Thus, we get to face a rampant ecology much earlier.

Not to forget that the tropics and the sub-tropics house most of the exotic species of animals. It's astonishing, when one attempts to understand the magnitude.

Destroying these important links, invariably impacts us as we are a part of the ecological system too. Despite our ignorance, our forays into technology..... we are to face trouble. With a capital 'T'.

It's just a matter of time...


December Stud said...

And, what happened to all the old trees which were suppsoed to be chopped down in Bengalooru? *sob* *sob*

mouna said...

good news :D

some of the really old trees are being shifted to some other place...surprising isn't it?

i too was surprised. not all trees are to be benefited thus, atleast some trees are saved!! other trees have to face the axe :(

parijata said...

We are really chopping our own feet and killing ourselves, not just the trees.

manu said...

Its better said this way,

"Industrialize AND Perish,
Industrialize OR Perish."

mouna said...

so true..

ya, it depends whether industrialzation is required or not. 'perish' is to happen eitherways.