Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I need to apologise. I've been on a template changing spree since yesterday.

It can be very annoying to see the same thing undergo variations(by the dozen), by the minute. Blame it on my obsession with colours. Different colours gets preferences each minute. And the limitations that one has. How i wish i had the entire colour wheel to my aid. In vain!

I hope the new layout is fine. I liked it(which is obvious!)

The best part is the the background that is seen behind the title. I'm glad it came out in this way. After all the manisfestations it underwent on ms-paint.

I'm sorry again. Thanks for bearing with me!


December Stud said...

Nice layout actually....except, isn't the top part of the background a little too white?

mouna said...

perhaps, yes! i was tired of it at that point of time! let me see, i'll try to make appropriate changes.

M O H A N said...

Think, every blogger will go thru this torture once a while!!!

Srik said...

This is fine..suits the blog pretty much!

Priya said...

creations: playing with colours!!!

mouna said...

i agree with u :p

i think so too.

playing with colours, anytime! :D

rk said...

liked the header. livens you up!
happy and colorful blogging

plz post your paintings often. eagerto see them.

Anand Balaji said...

Lovely layout!
Stick to this:)

mouna said...

i'll try to do that :)

i'll stick to this :)