Friday, June 29, 2007

down the drain... and surviving it

When i do plan something nice, and wait for it to happen. It hardly does. Most times, i stop myself from proceeding, as i know it'll not work out. Atleast the wretched feeling of chagrin is saved.

All the eagerness, excitement vanishes to leave an empty feeling. A very empty one. It does get very annoying(mind you, i'm trying to be nice here, as 'annoy' is just the tip of the iceberg). But, isn't that the path which all of us have to undertake?

Everything that we wish for need not prove itself true. The worst case scenario is when everything flops. Inshallah!! Hope none of us face such a situation, ever.

Such a scene teaches us patience. More importantly, it helps us concentrate on other stuff. Thus, we tend to rediscover old incidents, habits. We also learn in the process. Learn about new things.

At times, when i do arrive at a phase as this one, what would i have done?

The first thing that i would have done is pick a book and read through it. If the situation is really desparate, i'd rather choose, something, that i know will comfort me. I'd derive a smile from those characters.

Painting would be a another option. I think so. On oil paper, if my mood picks up. Or on MS-Paint. I think i'd go for oil-the paper option, than using MS-Paint software. I've begun to enjoy the movement of brushes on paper. And the manner in which colours merge, ah!!

Music can be the third. You know which song will cheer your senses. And you tend to play a couple of times.

To sense the winds and the works of a milieu of people walking about the place. I realized that it's very soothing recently. It can calm a frizzled mind, to quite an extent.

Perhaps, the last on the list will be to switch on the television set. For i've come to not depend on it for recreation. They always broadcast some rot, when you are indeed free.

What would you do?


rk said...

for me, it is any of these:
* spending time with my son
* singing my fav. nos.
* reading
* eating a benne dose at CTR
* making collage/ scrapbook

Priya said...

lets see for me it could be any one of these...
# going for a small walk near our apartment...
# listening to some old movie songs...
# cook something nice and eat...
# read a nice book..
# and ofcourse TV...

M O H A N said...

I would re-focus on why that thing did not happen and look for an alternative if its beyond ones control just de-stress by mentally accepting that ITS OVER AND OUT.

I would focus on my next big thing without the prejudice that previous one failed and continue the saga...

good question btw

Srik said...

#A Novel
#DVD shop near my place
#Hiking up to Hanumagiri, a neighbouring hill.
#Internet and blogsphere!