Wednesday, May 23, 2007

a speck of water

The sun could be seen in the western sky spreading soft yellow light around. A small ball of fire. Far away, thousands of light away. Sunrays played in the atmosphere.

While diffraction caused the scattered clouds take varied hues of pink, magenta, orange, violet. Like colours spilt free from an artists palette. At some places, they diffused into each other with ease, making it difficult for somebody who wanted to draw solid boundaries between each hue.

It seemed to mock the occasional onlooker. Fringes were distinct in other regions. A colour abruptly ended, while another began it's spread.

Buildings located on the western side acquired a surreal glow. A particular one, painted in pink, appeared orange. A result of the strange ways of sun beams. They paint a mundane environment in soft, yet eye-catching tones. For a short period of time. Blessing those eyes which caught sight of this splendour.

A drop of water fell from the blushing sky. Drops of water continued to fall from the sky. In a soft pitter-patter. That which could be heard when listened to very carefully.

The rain stopped after some time. Perfect beads of water were found everywhere. On the metal framework in the window... on the ledge on the verandah.... arranged in an impeccable fashion, an array of spheres on a clothesline.....

A slight wind picked up. Those droplets of water quivered. She touched the metal clothesline. It felt cold. Shaking it in a rhythmic manner, she displaced those droplets. All except one.

She observed it. Stared into it with wide eyes. A sudden beam of light fell on it. It glistened in the sudden flash of brilliance.

Minutes ticked by, the surroundings assumed a darker shade. The night was setting in.

The speck of water merged with an inky-blue tinge, a characteristic feature of the impending night.


December Stud said...

It's a poem.....and a beautiful one!!!

mouna said...

hmmm... in prose, thanks! :)

Shruti said...

i was imagining how beautiful it looks like..
what a co-incidence while reading this, i was listening a song from Satya: gila gila pani..

Take care...

Srik said...

A poetry in the form of a prose... brilliant!!! I agree with DS.

Wow! Mouna, you have brought those colours on to your writing, live and extravagant.

mouna said...

the sight does look lovely.. the song, with water droplets providing background music... super!!

thank you!! the sky during a sunset, amazing! :)

Diana said...

hey mouna...
y don u start by askin me somethin?
i dunno wat or how to start!

mouna said...

hope everything works out well, all the best girl! :D