Sunday, April 29, 2007

a soft tinkle

I was doing something, when i heard the pleasant sound of anklets. I thought of determining it's origin. No. I didn't venture out. Plunked somewhere in my house, i listened to the sound.

Beautiful, it trapped me it's folds. High and low pitches altered with each other, granting footsteps the splendor of being accomapanied by endearing notes. Like that of a hundred tiny bells being shaken together. Like a stream flowing over pebbles, sand.... to reach it's destination.

I listened for quite a while. It left me surprised, for i could savour those delicious notes for quite some time. Lady luck was shining on me. The girl/lady whose feet it adorned spent those ten minutes walking in front of my house. A preposterous idea, yet it provided me sheer happiness.

Later, i felt the same resound in my ears. Was i dreaming? No, i still could hear those anklets. Probably another girl was on a strolling in the vicinity of my house. Was there a procession of women in front of house? With anklets, of course.....

Cut off from the sound, i pondered... who broke the trance.... Again, somebody was flying down the staircase, stepping into the verandah on the ground floor. She was in a hurry. After some time, i could hear her climbing the steps.

I don't know the reason behind her trips up and down those flight of steps. While, i submitted myself to the tinkle of anklets. A pair of anklets.


balar said...

Good one..
I do like anklet sound when my niece walks and running around home.

Srik said...

What a lovely piece of writing, SK!!

Superb narrative spirits here.

This is the way to go!!!

mouna said...

same here! the noise of her anklets herald my neice entering my house... beatiful!

all yours!! :)

Anand Balaji said...

Very well-written! Bravo!

neela said...

Anklets have a special place in my heart .
I used to badly want to learn dancing .I couldn't.
Anklets - the word now brings images of babies dancing,prancing,traipsing.the first baby image is that of Lord Krishna

mouna said...

your's truly!

yes, babies and anklets. something that we associate with each other.. amazing!

Shiv said...


ಹೆಜ್ಜೆ ಮೇಲೆ ಹೆಜ್ಜೆ ಇಡುತ್ತಾ
ಗೆಜ್ಜೆ ಗಲ್ಲಗಲ್ಲೆನ್ನುತಾ
ಬಂದ ಪುಟ ಶ್ಯಾಮ..

ಸುಂದರ ಗೆಜ್ಜೆನಾದ..
ಸುಂದರ ಬರಹ

mouna said...

ah! yenu idhu?... puTTa shyama bagge ondhu padya, naaneno neevu nimma huDugi bagge ondu chikka kavanavannu bareyuviri antha tiLididde :p

Shiv said...


When I read the anklets sound, I somehow I remembered small babies keeping small small steps.Hence the poem.

For poems on my gal, anyways there is chittey.blogspot :))