Thursday, April 26, 2007

a reminder

Little things remind us of great moments.

My mother was cleaning the cupboard. She was trying to pull me into it. Knowing the stubborn in me, she persuaded. Later, i had to to help her. For i feared. She could dispose something very nice.

Things piled up on the floor. She asked me whether 'a' particular thing was important or not. Finally, nothing could be be catogarized as disposable. Mother lamented. Yes, i told her. The same rubbish had to fill space.

Isn't it amazing that these insignificant things bring joy to our hearts?

They make us smile. Again. A particular watch is precious, for it reminds me of a friend. The wonderful time that i spent with her(a patch-up after an argument). A pen, which reminds me of another. K used to come up to me, and pinch my cheeks. She loves to do that.

A candle which S gave. For the relationship we share. A strange kind. A ribbon which somebody gave....

On sighting these, i go down memory lane, trying to recollect those beautiful instances.

A colored ribbon.....a sentence in somebody's handwriting.....a pen.... eating bhel-puri....a little girl in porcelain......a clock.....a book... a vase....a candle.....


anandnbalaji said...

Wow! What timing!
We're in the process of moving house and I've discovered tons of memories from the so-called trash.
I'd not throw away any of these precious keepsakes for the world.
They'll go where I go!

Shruti said...

something are so precious to us..i do have lot of collections of cards and hand written papers with me...
And the most beautiful thing which i had in my collection is a single leave of rose wood, on which one of my fren has written some thing...but unfortunatly i dont have contact with her now...but yes memories do remain with us and these little thing make them always fresh..
Take care....

Srik said...

My sister has a peculiar habit of getting everyone's(those who are part of it) autograph when she goes out, on a piece of paper. Let it be a cinema hall or be it a hotel, be it a get together....strange habit.
That she has collected a truck load of papers that i consider 'thrash' and once cleaning up my room had thrashed them all off.

She came running behind, read each and every paper out of it, and then "This is important..." "I need this one...." "How can you throw this out..." "This is when we went for a college mates....."
Oh! God!! Finally we didnt speak to each other for three days, i mean the clashes after that....peace inside the house was at stake....for me throwing some thrash out and she getting the thrash back to my room :'(

Now when I last cleaned my room, i sure got hold of those papers, and remembered that lovely fight with sis.... And I preserved that bundle as though its a gracious antique!!!

Yes, you are right about those candles and ribbons....people might fail to understand...

Prashanth M said...

Its with everyone... though it seems useless, they are precious treasure :)

mouna said...

memories accompany us wherever we go!

one of my favourites is a leaf of 'paneer'- it's a scented leaf which is used along with flowers to make garlands. i begged it from a flower-vendor while on a bus-journey.

it's dried, and it has a faint smell. heavenly!

'truckload' exaggeration does have limits, dosen't it? ;)

good u saved it, u don't want to get into another fight with sister, alve? :)

treasure out of trash! sure!

Srik said...

u don't want to get into another fight with sister, alve?

nono... i would love to fight with her...over anything and everything...!!

you must ask her about it ;)

balar said...

hi nice post.. i do collect small small things..i always carry with me whenever i move..:)

neela said...

I too collect-but after becoming a home maker the volume has diminished!
I remember having a tea stained centre page of a notebook with a caption:in memory of the gallons of tea consumed at the college canteen!!

mouna said...

know what, i too enjoy fighting with my sister, these small and petty ones, but not anymore *sigh*

hi! memories on the move. yes.

good! so what if the volume has diminished? it's fun afterall. something is better than nothing :)

Shiv said...

Beautiful memories indeed !
I too keep things others think as the wrappers of gifts I had got & even I have few chocolate wrappers :)

mouna said...

chocolate wrappers kept me company when i was young. eega gift wrappers stock ide.. :)