Sunday, April 01, 2007

diffusing light

It glittered in the sunlight. Radiating various colours. It made the sultry weather forgettable. Many were floating in the air. Light. Soft. A wonderful entity presented to us by the all-time fascinating providence.

Children belonging to different ages groups went behind them, before they could burst. Unfortunately, they did. Even an endearing move, failed to grasp it. One light touch and it would burst, releasing minute droplets into the surronding atmosphere. Astonishment diffused. They disappeared, much to the chagrin of others. How delicious would it have been, if one cold savour it's transient lifespan.

Another bunch were released into the air. They wandered aimlessly, rising to higher levels, carried by indeterminable air currents.

Leaping and crying in joy, she tried to possess it. She attracted attention. While the rest of the group faded into oblivion. Disapointed, in having not succeeded, she turned her back towards them. But, she found them irresistable. This feature made her persuade others', which had the freshness in them. Existing in different sizes, some tiny, and some too big. Those small hands could not enclose them within protective space.

Once again, her felt defeated.

She walked back a few steps. Her parents were sitting on the soft grass some distance away. She turned back to have one last look at them. One long lingering look. An all encompassing view.

The pleasant warmth of a smile spread across her face. Floating in air, they provided one a pretty sight. They appeared beautiful this way. An attempt to hold them in a pair of hands, destroyed their magnificent, yet temporary existence.

Bubbles rose above her. Blown into perfect circles with the help of a tube whose capillary was small. Though they are made of elementary, colourless soap solution. They shimmered in the bright sunlight.

Spreading light in every direction.


Anand Balaji said...

mouna, please mail me immediately. I wish to say some things to you in private. Don't be alarmed!
Mail me.

mouna said...

i do not know your email id. blogspot does not record that! :(
you can do the job... my blogspot profile has a link to my email id..

anand balaji said...

Srik said...

I'm curious. Whats it all?

anand balaji said...

What is what Srik?
Btw, mouna is yet to mail me. Bah!

mouna said...

i'll do the job.

i'll let you know.. :)

Srik said...

Im waiting ;)

mouna said...

anand wants me to write a book!! :D
i don't know how to react to his idea... what say?

Anonymous said...

the soap bubbles...wat a natural delight is n't it...i have enjoyed playing with them...and have created them at home too..

i still remember those days when i used to visit cubbon park...and at the entrance with the balloons they used to blow those bubbles to attract would sparkle with those rainbow colors with sunlight...good old days...a good refreshment of the memory mouna...

Srik said...

I guesss I gave u that idea loooooooooooooong back. Think of it now :)

mouna said...

cubbon park and soap bubbles, yes! somehow bubbles made at home never could be to full-blown bubbles, that one could get on buying these soap solution from vendors.

is to so? i'm sorry, i don't remember :P