Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Kali Ganga

Kali Ganga

-Mahabaleshwar Sail
Translated by Vidya Pai.
Published by National Book Trust(NBT)

I picked this book at the Bangalore Book festival, about two years back. I don't erally know the reason behind me opting for this book. I guess, the painting on the cover page made me do so. Anyways, i was impressed with some NBT books, which i had read on previous occasions. I still remember reading books that they published for children. A gripping story and good grammer made them interesting.

Well, coming back to Kali Ganga, it talks about a family and it's future. Here, i came across two sisters. Well i won't be wrong if i say that the plot revolves around both of them. Though it begins on a happy note, the same does not continue for long. Disturbances in the family, arise frequently.

When, i did reach the fag end of the story, i felt wretched. For two reasons; one being the book and the other, for the weak personalities that we possess.

Disasters visit the family every now and then. I didn't acknowledge it much on my first read. Something made me read it once again. Both the sisters' face them with such determination, and strong will. I was taken aback by the kind of power-talk that the book emphasises on.

I'm doubly sure that i would not have reacted with such resolve. Simply mind-blowing. The courage that is hiden behind those actions, behind those words, is to be appreciated.

A motivator, the book implies on only one aspect, that is; the will of a person. That which helps him/her navigate his path, through obstacles. That which induces positive thinking.


Shiv said...

Hey Mouna,
A neat book review..

Talkin of weak personalities or rather weak links that we have within our is so true it just comes out in one weak moment.

So the sister names makes title of the book?

mouna said...

no, the names of the sisters' are suman and manjul. the story is set near the coastal region, on the banks of the river:kali. i guess, the name arises due to the fact that we rever ganga to be somebody who shares our sorrows. so addakke 'kali ganga'. my reasoning does make some sense, alve? :)

manu said...

In case u ever get ur hand on the book Papillon by Henri Charriere, just read it.
The greatest escape story(real) of individual I have ever come across.
Amazing will power of the man takes him through most difficult situations of life.

mouna said...

i've heard about it, but could not lay my hands on it. it' on my hit-list.

anand balaji said...

Here below I've pasted a poem which touched a chord in me in 1990-91. I don't know where I jotted it down from, but ever since that day it has been a source of great solace to me whenever I've been in a rut.

The Bravest Person

It's easy to fight in the battle of life,
When friends are singing our glory;
But when things go wrong and there's no song —
Well, that's a different story.

It's easy to fight in broad daylight,
Especially when we're strong;
But when night comes and it's ten against one —
Well, that's a different song.

It's easy to fight when foes are in flight,
And we hold the victor's cup;
But the brave stand out when all is in doubt —
They never think of giving up.
When all goes wrong, the courageous strong,
Fight hardest when things worsen;
When one can't remember how to surrender —
Well, that's the bravest person!

mouna said...

well, my father made me understand the same, it's considered brave when u fight alone, with all odds against you. that's when the mind attains happiness too(my guess).