Friday, April 20, 2007

a golden habit

I'm so thankful to my parents for introducing me to reading. It's one habit that accompanies anyone, anytime, provided that person has an inclination towards reading.

I think i've been reading since early childhood. I don't know how it gets one interested. Does bed-time story-telling impact us?

The reading habit has been a companion during journeys... while waiting for a bus... during the wait at the diagnostic dinner.... when watching tv.... in class, sitting in the first bench.... in the library at college. I seriously don't know what i would have done, if not for this ritual of mine.

I used to visit this particular library, in my childhood. Father, M and i used to go there, once in a fortnight. Savouring different books, at one go. At a loss, finding it tough to choose a particular title, or a specific author.

Now, i'm exploring, trying different authors or varied subjects. It appears difficult. And fortunately, i've not regretted my decision.

Childhood, is one instance when, habits are usually formed. One habit that can and should be inculcated is that of reading. A learning process, it teaches a child so much, to be humble, tolerant, cheerful, friendly...



anand balaji said...

"... provided that person has an inclination towards reading."

I completely agree with you on that point mouna. Many people are living under the false assumption that a child can be goaded into loving books the way we do. It's not possible, it has got to be an innate passion.

I always maintain that reading, writing and speaking well CANNOT be acquired skills. You're either born with that bent of mind or not... as clear as that. This is true with every hobby/passion in life. For example, I'd run miles if anyone asked me to work out a math formula! But others may be able to do it in their sleep, so to speak!

balar said...

you are right...reading is a wonderful habit..

mouna said...

but, don't u think that a child will develop habits, if the environment during early childhood is conducive enough? probably, the same kid might improve on it, again under the same circumstances...

does this make sense...hmmmm..

totally!! :)

neela said...

I AlWAYS maintain that reading is an acquired habit. And reading for pleasure is certainly learnt from one's parents.A parrot can't learn to imitate sounds if it is kept in a sound proof room.

Shiv said...

As like any habits which children develop seeing their parents, reading can be induced.But most of the cases, it seems like an acquired habit.Atleast for my case !

Arun said...

Reading is something that I developed from childhood too.. It is a great deal useful and some one who reads can never get bored. My first beginnings happened with Amar Chitra Kathas.. :)

mouna said...

reading for pleasure, from the parents, i think so too.

the parrot analogy, i think it is this: this behaviour of birds(parrots, as with regard to other birds, as well) can be attributed to two factors: one, it is in the genes. two, external factors are required, only upon hearing similar sounds will it imitate the same thing. if the 2nd factor is absent, the parrot will imitate notes, albeit crude ones.

and, i guess, the same can be applied to habits as well, what say u?

ya, parents influence kids a lot!!

i don't remember what i started with. there was a series called 'ladybird'... and these fables.

Anonymous said...

habits are the gradual developements...and frequent happenings..and i agree on parents forming those at the young age..when the kids do...what is told...and the liking developes accordingly..but with no introduction how can there be a liking....and 1 of the very best

mouna said...

anon, an introdcution is a must, u said it right!

Prashanth M said...

greetings from another avid reader ;)

Got attracted to plethora of books at home during my childhood days, and the reading saga still continues..

And reading is my pastime during travel too - while traveling wither I sleep or read a book :)

mouna said...

another reader, good to hear this.
i'd rather read than sleep, if it is possible!

Srik said...

buddy take care...
Now a days u more travel on ur bike.. What'll happen if u read or sleep during ur journey?

Hi SK from another avid reader.

mouna said...

reading or sleeping while on a bike, how can it happen unless one is one the pillion?