Wednesday, March 14, 2007

People have been asking her, this question, 'Your eyebrows look nice, when did you start visiting the salon?'

She shook her head, and told 'No, i didn't visit any.'

She entered college, and again she was asked the same question. She wondered. Did it really matter, the eyebrows assuming a perfect arc above the eyes. ' No, it didn't ', she decided. Apparently, she termed it hereditary. Well, she didn't give it much thought.

Many days passed.

One day, she stood in front of the mirror, observing her reflection. Her eyebrows caught her attention. Her eyebrows did look beautiful, they were washed with the warmth of a smile. And with the gentleness of a happy thought in her.

No wonder!


Quality Tale said...

Dear Mouna,

Read ur article...nice one...I think everyone stand infront of gives happy thoughts for that day...but could not...b'coz we people so busy in our daily routine...we could not have a single second to stand infront of it....doesn't matter...I'll try it tomarrow, definatelly...thanx for good thought....


Mohan said...

What a good narration.
In fact one of the first things that are taught for actors and dancers is to smile at the audience.

Good post!

mouna said...

quality tale,
yes, the important thing is to smile!!


a fake smile on their face, during happy sequences!!

anand balaji said...

You've been blogrolled:)

Shiv said...


Eye more thing to identify..along with Parle biscuits :)

BTW wat they do to keep brows in shape?

The 'Ekaangi' said...

ppl talk of smiles, eyes, sometimes even noses, and kidneys, and intestines (ok...not really all tht stuff)...but hardly abt eyebrows...a beautiful creation, in itself...and each one's eyebrows are so different frm each other...its amazing ain't it...and i hope u do remember me

mouna said...

anand balaji,
thanks :)

i think they try to thread the eyebrow, it's little barbaric...

yes, it's been pretty long since we talked. will do that.. :)