Saturday, March 17, 2007

a journey

Well, it's been 99 blogs since i've started blogging. How has the journey been?

I call it a journey because, it's been a pleasant, learning, fulfilling.... all through the way. To think of all the posts that have found a way here, and the unmentionable ones, which didn't make it.

Perhaps, i didn't think that i'd continue to such an extent, but here i am. I'm not surprised. And the most important thing is tha i'm happy about it. Getting to hear various views on an article, has never failed to put a smile on my face.

People have been kind enough to pay visits to my blog, and have opened up something new to me. Something enjoyable, something that i cherish, a thing that i would wish to do, for some more time...

Those moments of happiness, sorrow, dejectedness.... have been put in words. Words that makes it simpler, to comprehend, to fathom, in searching for solutions, as well. At times i've regretted when i've posted something that i thought unsuitable, but it's a learning process....

For all the people who've visited my blog, my heartfelt gratitude to you, guys. It feels amazing when a friend at college says that she enjoyed a particular article of mine. It does put a smile on my face.

And for all the anonymous people(with whom i associate their respective blogs with), thanks for all the messages that you've left behind. Supporting me, encouraging me, trying to make seemingly complicated stuff simpler, lightening my heart, sharing personal moments, and most important of all, i've always cherished a message that's left behind. While, we remain anonymous to each other.

How liberal!!

Luck is in my favour(in this regard), i hope that i can make somebody smile everyday.



Shiv said...

Mouna !!

I still remember the first visit to your blog , I think I read a post on reservation(It was your in ur first month of bloggin) and left a long comment on that.

Oh..after that it is already 99 !!
Great going..

I had a gud time whenver I visited creations.But my all-time fav is the 'Karan-bashing' post :D

Keep going !
Let there be more centuries to come..

anand balaji said...

Hi Mouna,
Congrats on reaching this mini-milestone.
You put a smile on my face and provide food for thought too:)
Way to go!

mouna said...

aha! a continuation of the 'k series... :)

thank you :)

Biby Cletus said...

greatings for k series .kewl blog you have,interesting stuff you have got here keep up the good in touch

regards Biby - Blog

mouna said...

biby cletus,
thanks, do visit again :)

Srik said...

Oh! Its nice to know this. My hearty congratulations dear SK!!

I always visited your blog for smiles, whenever I require a break...sometimes, when new posts are not up, I would visit the old ones, read, leave the comments.

I cherish your stories of college, come up with memorable reading by whatever it is...a sobbing child at home, or a chair at the corner of your room...or a walk to the bus stop....or a journey to the college...or a hearty chat with a friend....or a setting sun.....etc...

Those Ms, Ss, Bs and other characters you introduce.....are just like any of my friends..makes me feel good at all that you write...

Bravo and gr8 going!!

All the best and hope you score many more such centuries.

Anonymous said...

its really great to know u've posted 100 articles !!!!!!!...didnt realise it was that many...anyways..its great to spend some time on this has variety...and the pictures you put up....very impressive...all the best for the many centuries to come by....

mouna said...

thank you!! :)


Prashanth M said...

Wow! congrats... way to go...

mouna said...

thank you prashanth :)